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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Memoria Brand Partner Initiative?

The Memoria Brand Partner Initiative is an opportunity for Memoria and funeral directors to work together to offer recently bereaved families a competitively priced, local, and attended service as a clear alternative to direct cremation.

What is a Memoria Brand Partner?

A Memoria Brand Partner is a funeral director who works exclusively with Memoria to offer the attended local funeral service - the Personal Funeral Service - to bereaved families as an alternative to Direct Cremation. Memoria is also to be their exclusive provider of their direct cremations.

What are the benefits to a funeral director by becoming a Memoria Brand Partner?

Memoria Brand Partners will benefit from preferential cremation fees for both Direct Cremation (£330) and the Personal Funeral Service (£455). They will also have access to Memoria branded marketing information for display in funeral branches and online, as well as the backing of Memoria TV and digital advertising activity at no cost to their business. Furthermore, all Memoria Brand Partners will be designated Account customer status, so allowing them to settle their account on a monthly basis.

What are my commitments as a Memoria Brand Partner?

Funeral Directors will be asked to enter into a contractual agreement with Memoria for an initial period of one year. If, after six months, the funeral director no longer wishes to be a Memoria Brand Partner, then the funeral director can exercise a six month notice clause. In addition, the funeral director must not offer Direct Cremation and the Personal Funeral Service at retail prices lower than that offered by Memoria, and may only use the Memoria brand (logo, copy and similar) in the way Memoria specifies.

What is included in the Personal Funeral Service?

The Personal Funeral Service offers a cremation with a service for a small gathering of up to 25 friends and family at one of our beautiful and contemporary crematoria. Service times are 30 minutes (20 minutes in chapel), and are available at 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am and 10:30am. 5:00pm and 5:30pm are also available at some crematoria. The deceased's name will be projected, and the family can choose two pieces of music, one on entry and one on exit. The deceased is to be brought into the care of the crematorium in advance.

What is not included in the Personal Funeral Service?

If the deceased were to pass away at a residential property or in a nursing home outside of the funeral director's usual office hours, then an additional collection fee of £250 is acceptable at the time of need. Doctor's fees are not included, and any additional personalisation - such as flowers, a celebrant or orders of service - are also not included and are to be arranged and settled directly between the family and the funeral director.

What prices will Memoria advertise Direct Cremation and the Personal Funeral Service?

As we have a choice of 3 Direct Cremation options these will be advertised at starting from £990, and the Personal Funeral Service will be advertised for £1,675.

Can I charge more than Memoria?

Yes, but the funeral director will not be permitted to use Memoria branding. Such funeral directors will be known as 'White Label' partners. A White Label partners will still benefit from preferential cremation fees for both Direct Cremation and the Personal Funeral Service. These, however, will not be the same as those available to a Memoria Brand Partner. All preferential rates will be available to funeral directors when they securely logon to their dedicated Partner Platform Account at:

What if the family only wants Direct Cremation?

We understand that a recently bereaved family may have made up their mind that direct cremation is right for them. We fully respect such wishes, which is why exclusive and preferential cremation fees for Direct Cremation are included in the contractual agreement for Memoria Brand and White Label partners.

Will I be the only Brand Partner in my area

No. The Memoria Brand Partner initiative is open to all funeral directors. Our ambition is to help as many bereaved families as possible have access to a competitively priced attended service as an alternative to direct cremation.

Will the Partner preferential cremation fees change in the future?

Yes. Circumstances such as rising energy prices make it inevitable that cremation fees will rise in future, however, Memoria Brand Partners and Memoria White Label Partners will always benefit from a preferential rate vs. the standard price list.

How do I become a Memoria Brand Partner?

Interested funeral directors can register their interest at Here they will be asked to enter their contact and business details, and then set a password to have access to the Brand Partner platform via a dedicated Partner Platform Account . This secure site is where Partners will go in future to receive updates and news of other, additional benefits from Memoria.

Does it cost anything to become a Memoria Brand Partner?

No. All that is required by a Memoria Brand Partner is to adhere to the terms of the contractual agreements.

What if a family does not want to use a Memoria crematorium for their Direct Cremation or Personal Funeral Service?

We understand that, on occasion, a recently bereaved family may have a specific or unique reason for going to another crematorium. In these rare occasion, all we ask is that the funeral director logs onto their dedicated Partner Platform Account account at and records the details. That way both the funeral director and Memoria have a record of 'out with' agreement activity.

Can I use any Memoria crematoria?

Yes. Memoria have a network of eleven crematoria with two more due to open in the near future.

What is a Funeral Fulfilment Partner?

This is funeral director who enters into a contract with Low Cost Funeral Ltd. (a Memoria Group company trading as Affordable Funerals and/or Memoria Funerals) to undertake funerals - in part or completely - in specific and agreed postcode areas across the UK. A fee is paid by Low Cost Funeral Ltd. to the contracted funeral director for the work undertaken

What fees are paid to Funeral Fulfilment Partners?

These are negotiated with each partner and on a case-by-case basis.

I am an existing Memoria Brand Partner/Memoria White Label Partner, can I also be a Funeral Fulfilment Partner?

Yes. In fact we are actively seeking to work with existing partners where possible and where the opportunity presents itself.

Will I be the only Funeral Fulfilment Partner in a postcode?

While we will seek to establish a primary relationship in a postcode area, we know from experience that - in some rare occasions - a Partner may be unable to meet their obligations. As the recently bereaved family is our primary concern, we will always have other relationships with funeral directors who will be able to step-in and ensure that the recently bereaved family is provided with the care they need, and when they need it.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Go to the home page of the website and go through the forgotten password routine. If you have issues, we can guide you to it but as all passwords are encrypted, we cannot view your password.

How do I change my account details? (username, address, contact numbers, contact names etc.)

Please send us an email or click the Contact Us section on our website where you can securely let us know of changes you require

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Please contact our support team on by email - we aim to respond in three working days

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